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Welcome! My name is Eduardo Espada, and I should be drawing right now...

I'm a life-long doodler who kept at it diligently enough to choose the art school route after high school.


Four years at Rhode Island School of Design ('93) broadened my scope to enjoy drawing the figure and painting. In the subsequent 20 years since the formal education ended, the real fun began and goes on, looking for new ways to get the doodles out.


On this site you'll find a lot of my drawings with ink, watercolor, gouache, and pencil. You will also see me try my hand at a little animation, and some examples of something else I really love; board game-related graphic design.


Everything I'm showcasing here I've done because it's fun. I hope it shows! Please contact me with any feedback, criticism, etc. I'm always up for a chat. Hover over the home tab for my contact info.


Thanks for stopping by!



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